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KP Metalworks is a welding and metal fabrication company based in Bellingham, WA. With 25 years of experience in structural and artistic welding, KP Metalworks will bring your custom metal project to life with integrity, durability and individuality.

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KP Metalworks is owned and operated by KP Peirce. Originally from the Central Coast of California, KP has lived in Bellingham for nearly two decades.

KP learned to weld as a teenager and began a career in fabrication in her twenties. Most recently she was the Lead Fabricator and Project Manager for Gateway Controls also in Bellingham where she worked for over a decade.

She has worked with dozens of organizations across Western Washington and built a reputation for her speed, expertise and integrity.

KP is a board member for the Bellingham Roller Betties, and a founder and board member of the Subdued City Rollers, a junior roller derby league founded in 2018.

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